Humanity & of the Society

 There is, of course, no end to the magnificence and horror in the human drama. Across the continents, humanity rises to every challenge, sinks to any depth. We cherish each heartbeat and murder at will. We bless nature's miracles, yet trash the hood.



We accept this polarity as human nature then move on in our 'glassy essence'. All the while our righteousness lords over other life; yet we beseech gods for mercy. Our anger flares to violence; yet we demand justice. We covet ceaselessly, give generously. Our wallowing is legion; yet we take science and the arts to Olympian heights.



Not least, so many suffer relentless poverty, each day wondering at living another; so many are refugees from disaster or violence, escaping under unfamiliar skies to avoid a closer death, grasping whatever it is they have left - a child, ragged clothes, a pot; so many are victims of injustice, of the vagaries of despotism or ill luck, with no legal system to which they can carry their hope.


Yet despite the increasing vulnerability of life on Earth, we may well be coming to terms with the 'marble and mud' of our existence. For in the spring stirrings of 2009, there seems a new grace born upon this world, perhaps nothing less than a resurrection of humanity. Not least, we are understanding more clearly that our living -- this one-shot, too-quick breath of existence -- must embrace an inherent responsibility towards the living of others. In concert with this realization, we are paying finer attention to two crucial questions: "How deeply do I care about our common future? How do I actually make a positive difference?"


So as our universal, intertwined fate becomes a more commanding subject in journals and debating chambers, in barber shops and coffee houses; as leaders from all professions and all walks of life increasingly commit to finding creative and realistic efforts to combat poverty, famine, injustice and disease; as the world indeed tilts towards the side of the angels, let’s lean heavily in that heavenly direction. With all the heart and energy we can summon, let's honor this fragile, transcendent web of life gifted to us to by the gods by engaging in the essential connection of good intent.