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Night of the Night less

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was night less..........................................................................were fast draining

the skies seemed paled..................................................the hours into slumps

even the fairies fell silent...........................................when all had seemed lost

lamenting over the sullen skies....................twilight had glowed in the above

time fidgeting in perpetual gestures..the skies were freed from its dimness

and the stars had refused to appear........and fairies dancing to stellar lights

as if the world was mourning..........................a soul had been saved in grace

over some secluded a proprietor of nobility

veils of cast out the aura of mankind

shrouding above..........................................................................spirit resurrected

watching the role of

in the sky....................................................................................................humanity


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The people had Entrusted you

And placed their Faithful Trust unto you

In which their Willful Trust you had Abused

To those people that you had Abused

Who had earlier Entrusted you


The people had Confident in you

And placed their Confidence unto you

In which their Confidence you had Abused

To those people that you had Abused

Who had earlier Confided in you


The people had Appointed you

And placed their wills by Appointing you

In which the Appointment you had Abused

To those people that you had Abused

Who had earlier Appointed you


The people had Empowered you

And placed their Delegated Power unto you

In which the Entrusted Power you had Abused

To those people that you had Abused

Who had earlier Empowered you


Those were the People's Power reflected in you

The Bestowed Power to safeguard citizens from Abuse

Those Vested Power cannot at all times be Abused

And the People were not meant to be Abused

By the People's Power embodied in you


The people would Strike against you

If they were Brutalized and Oppressed by you

And if the Unruly Power were brutally enforced by Abuse

To these people that unjustifiably had been Abused

Will deliver their Final Judgment onto you

True Eyes

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thus through these eyes that we see

is the eye of the eyes

when all that has faded

and darkness has entailed

would soon enclosed

this world's chapter

choking is the gloomy

soulless heart of men

and the loving eyes

has thus been blinded

the sky would soon

seek the very ground

and the world the end

the end of all men

in these eyes which

refuses to foresee

are yet unbounded

for the spirit of love

will always prevail

that given by one

to the other

soon entails

is the






to all colors

then will they only see

that universal hidden path

in which is called humanity

there can never be any greater love

than in those true eyes called humanity

Poetic Symphonies

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These words are a poetic symphony

for it was meant to be


gone were those days of yesteryears

knights would come charging through

in rescue of pretty damsels in despair

where men in chivalry would pledge

for their very lives and very soul

in sovereignty of knighthoods

in those solemnly given

and in faith

These words are a poetic symphony

for it was meant to be


it only embodies the good intentions

the never ending quest for humanity

rather than ones personal glory

a conglomerate of join efforts

in search for the ever spirit

of the mankind gone

a strayed

These words are a poetic symphony

for it was meant to be


thy friends and thy neighbors alike

on these uneven grounds that we

are all footed and rooted to

are the common grounds

for common people

to gather and


These words are a poetic symphony

for it was meant to be


are we merely the passing winds?

through vast land of empty terrains

till we realized our very existence

for we'll always be the has been

as society would change

through time & space

do we affect or be

effected by it




come what may

of the hour and day

thus on this borrowed time

never was there any doubts

that it was really meant to be

for these words to be of symphonies

made out of all the united people under one nation




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In solemn we state

Through all the decades

In the name of God we Trust

To this believe we always must

Until our very last breath and might

When we would part this world's sight

Let our written passage streams be yonder

Be it our pen slashing as the mighty Excalibur

Flowing from the deepest path of the inner truth

To clear the vagueness of paper as our solemn proof

Cast it fatally upon darkness where evil demons dwells

Glow thy eternal lantern and counteracts the witches spells

Thrust thy light saber forth from the deepest spring water well

From the deepest parts of thy Soul let the Excalibur propels

Hail the mighty Excalibur, Sword of the ever light and just

Swing your swift blades onto the massive evil you must

Let your might be cast upon the belly of men's lust

Who lurks about for preys from morning to dusk

Lit this world for the loving peace for all men

For every child born to be living in content

In our heart you would embody within

The sword within us our pen begin

When soul and blade is of one

Where consciences is done

Our SoulCalibur relates

In our solemn state

The Matrix

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I had walk the distance travel

to that far corners of the world

beyond the earth that I'm footed to

to a distance valley and the sky asunder

seeking to find wonders of God's creations

the beauty of nature in men, country & places

to behold within my grasp for moments of peace

to seek & offer the comfort zone of loving friendship


walking that long miles and recalling the many disillusions

men's soulless heart painting the world with bloody red paints

the childless souls born without families maybe to the end of time

recalling back the anguished of everlasting war in the name of peace

a dog eats dog world they say

best men wins as it may seem

the powerful rules the day

the weak remains the slave

the rich gathers greed

the poor gathers sorrow

the strong whipping lashes

the weak screaming in pain

the world is nothing but a matrix

created by men's own doings

Beyond that of compassion

Beyond that of God

Humanity Haiku

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when one man's hurting wounds

that the other had meant to inflict


Societal Haiku

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when one think only about himself

and stop thinking of others


Mahatma Gandhi

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Gandhi his name

Mohandas K. Gandhi

'Mahatma' they called him

India tried to proclaimed him

But Gandhi belongs to the World

The simple brown man in loin cloths

He was not born as a brilliant painter

Nor that he was a ruler of any land

But one thing he was for certain

He was speaker for mankind

His passion for humanity

A free spirit in life


Destined to lead

He stood for justness

Born to serve the people

He didn't boast any wealth

Died having served a just cause

The simple brown man in loin cloths

Gave his life in the name of humanity

But society tends to forget his work

And in principles he had left behind

As history soon repeated itself

For men have yet to learn

From the true likes of



The little man in loin cloth

But when he rose was a giant tall

Renowned and recognized by the World

For all of his unspoken contributions and efforts

To restore some sense of sanity back into the society

To unite the people, despite of their believes and religions

The Indians, Muslim, Sikhs, Christians and Jews had loved him

Because he was a promoter for humanity and peace was his beliefs

The colonial empire hated him for his courage and determination

Had bruised his skin, broken his bones and had him imprisoned

Neither of these broke his spirit for purpose that he foresaw

The people loved his determination and strive for unity

Others hated him for standing in their end purpose

To divide the people and to gather richness

At the expense of the mass sufferings

A human bondage to the many

Living in the sense of dying

Until they were freed

From the bellies

Of human



'The Great Soul'

The people named him

Some would call him 'Bappu'

Meaning be 'Father' to them all

Started his earlier efforts in Africa

And later went back to free his people

Most importantly to free the human spirit

From the tyranny and of the deprivations

This simple brown man in loin cloths

He went into hunger strike twice

Until the mass killing stopped

The people had then learned

To love instead of hating

The human qualities

And of conscience


A name in history

One would remember

He had to bore the pains

He didn't boast any wealth

Gunned down for his believes

He died but his spirit would live on

In those fighting for the same cause

Gave his life in the name of humanity

Society today tends to forget his efforts

And in principles that he had stood by

As history would soon repeat itself

The repeated hatred and killings

In men's heart until this day

For men have yet to learn

From the true likes of




He does not belong to India

He belongs to the whole World

For the World of the human kind

The World of humanity and compassion


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Backbone constructs the important main arch of the frame

It holds one steadily so as not to go swinging by the side

It can straightens up a person to go on walking steadily

You will be walking to places where you want to be

Backbone is very dependant to everyone’s survival

Without it one could go swaying by side-to-side

To have gone left instead of going to the right

To have gone right instead of going to the left

One could possibly be living without it still

But you would have to be bedridden for life

To be dying in the senseless mode of living

A lifetime treacherous lesson for not having it

So you see my friend, how important it is to us

To have a backbone so as determine our directions

Backbone must be distinguished from a Bone at the Back

Two of a different kind, to have given its proper meaning in life

The Night the Turtles Cried

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I would try best to write of this land on this night

That this diligent pen would be my tireless sight

The hour had long been gone leaving me in a fix

But the ocean tides had enticed me to the shores

I would envisage this land of white sandy beaches

Sea breeze that would propel perpetual thoughts

This land a docking pedestal for leather back turtles

Dawning their toddlers on these sand centuries by

Tonight my mind were restless over the wild uproars

From the massive beating drum of motorcycle chains

The city youngsters roaming this land ghost rider likes

Spoiled brats from the seeds of the bling bling nations

The rumpus was clearly too wild for the gentle reptiles

Abandoning this land of the wrong currents and tides

Journeying to other land for safety of their progenies

For their tears would always be for this land they love

The Crab Walk

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There's this old Malay folklore

.....About this crab & its kids

...............Trying to teach its children

.......How to walk a straight path

...Daddy crab said now to its kids

.............Children, follow like how I walk?

...................There the daddy crab goes

......Stepping from side to side

...The eldest kid crab argued back

Daddy, you ain't going in straight line

.............You're walking in a zigzag way?

.......................Daddy crab annoyed and said

........................................Hush now, you ain't know none?

.......................Just follow like I tell you to do?

......................Daddy goes on, walking the same line

.....Walking in a zigzag way from side to side

..............The other kid crabs were just too scared

...................................To be telling their daddy's groove

.................................................They just follow the zigzag way

..........................And tries not to anger their daddy

...........Tailing their daddy, zigzag they go

........As time went by, those kid crabs grew

...Had their own kids to raise up too

.................And they be teaching the same thing

..............................Children, follow like how I walk?

..........................................There the daddy crab goes

..........................Stepping from side to side

....................Time after time, it had repeated

.................New daddies would say the same thing too

......................................Walk on straight like how I would do?

Ragged Cloths

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I envisaged myself to be a beautiful model

Be it Mary Jane Blythe or Naomi Campbell

I try my best to dress the way they would

Only in these ragged cloths, I think I could

I wish I had the lavish that other child has

With things I have, I would make my dress

I sew these neatly through all night long

Wishing them would be the evening song

Where I would sing the enchanted tunes

With the hope the birds would come soon

To feed the gracious birds from my hands

With seeds of love from the harvested land

I wish for the clothing I have will make do

As the evening grace would see me through

Hoping they could see me through this cloths

Ragged and shaggy from doings of the moth

Attending the evening party in these frowns

Enjoying the companies in natures crowned

A Man Called Prejudiced

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i hate BLUE

but i can't hate BLUE

cause the sky is BLUE

nevertheless...i HATE blue

i hate GREEN

but i can't hate GREEN

cause the veggie is GREEN

nevertheless...i HATE green

i hate WHITE

but i can't hate WHITE

cause the cloud is WHITE

nevertheless...i HATE white

i hate BLACK

but i can't hate BLACK

cause the nightfall is BLACK

nevertheless...i HATE black

i hate YELLOW

but i can't hate YELLOW

cause the sun is YELLOW

nevertheless...i HATE yellow

i hate BROWN

but i can't hate BROWN

cause the earth is BROWN

nevertheless...i HATE brown

i just hate to HATE

but i do what i DO

i'm full of HATREDs

i'm called PREJUDICE


Mama Mama

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Mama Mama,

How come Daddy ain't around with us no more?

I miss Daddy, Mamma can’t you see

I wanna show him my picture of them rivers

Daddy used to say that I always draw them nicely


your Daddy has gone to see GOD

I know that you miss your Daddy

but I'll see that picture of yours, honey

but I always know that you would draw them nicely

Mama Mama,

will Daddy come and visit us sometimes?

I miss Daddy, Mama really I do

I promise never again to make him angry

please tell Daddy that I'll be waiting for him by my bed


your Daddy ain't never coming home no more

I know that you miss your Daddy

just prey to GOD and send your message to him

ask GOD to keep your Daddy fine and dandy

Dear GOD

please take care of my Daddy

I miss my Daddy so much

won't You take care of him for me?

tell him I won't ever again make him angry


how can I tell my Son

I know that he misses his Daddy

but his Daddy has left him and me for this other woman

and he ain't never given me any penny nor dime though we be living

I struggle LORD to give him comfort and see him through school

I know not any better ways but to scrap them rubbish bins

I work from 9 to 9 so that we have enough food

I wanna cry but I would think of YOU

please Protect us



Mama Mama

why do you want to go away leaving me?

you know that I'm gonna miss you

I ain't got anybody else in this world except you

I know that I hurt you sometimes but I won't ever do it again

Michael, Honey

don't you go on crying for me again

I know you would be missing me

But I'm proud that you have grown into a man

you even got a scholarship and now a distinguished doctor

Mama Mama

I promise I'll never cry again

can't help myself thinking of losing you

I know how hard you've been, going through the rubbish bins

and I also know the truth about Daddy and I promise never to be like him

Michael, Honey

I'm very proud of you for being a man

I know you would perhaps miss me

but don't you worry now, GOD is the Mighty Protector

I’d asked HIM before, now I want you to ask HIM for the same thing too...

Mama Mama



Oh Mama...

Dear GOD

Please take care of my Mama

I really miss my Mama now that she’s gone

won't YOU take good care of her for me?

and I promise YOU I will never ever make YOU angry

Funny What He Said & What I Said

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it's funny how one man would think from the other

here i go, not caring for all the people and nations

thinking be hey this is what God wanted us to be

you and me, be that friendly neighbor thing

another man would think differently see

and he had said this to me

'now you ain't my people

so what you say,

has got nothing to do

with us people here'

now i said

'God give this earth to the loving soul

that's all i'm asking for is

but to respect one another?'

now he said,

'i don't need you or your preaching

let yourself out through that door'

i thought to myself

suits me fine bro for i ain't got nothing to loose

now it ain't my job in the first place to give you my advice

i'm just reaching out so that you would know

i'm just trying to be friends with you, that's all

i said to him

'now ain't what God said

love thy neighbors

well i'm your neighbor

what have you got to say?'

now he said

'you ain't my neighbor

and you ain't never gonna be

what God really intended

by neighbor means by my own kind see'

i said to him

'fine have it your way then

but i'll always treat you just like my neighbor'

now he said to me,

'no i ain't never want your friendship

now get your damn butt outta my face?

i said now,

'sure, i ain't never gonna bother you nothing

if that's how you feel but remember this

I'll always be there whenever you need me.'

now he said

'now that will be the last thing that i'll ever do

now how many time i got to tell you


yeah, i got the message

as i walk away i told my self


what i gotta to do to prove to this man

that i'm just being friendly

i got nothing to hide see

for i respect him as an individuals

you see

my heart is not

like the culture that separates us

your heart and my heart

it's red in color

it ain't never gonna change till for-ever

i won't mind what he just said to me

a week after

i brought him some fried chicken

now would you believe it

he threw the damn bird out through the window

and that a week after

i brought him some fine bread

now you gotta to believe me this time

he threw that fine bread

out through the kitchen door

now i said to myself

i ain't never gonna bring you

any more food bro

cause God would be angry with you and me see

for wasting all these fine and good food

cause it ain't coming from me

never was and never will be

for He's that True Provider

in which you refuses to see.

now i know you know this

but how come

you would be telling them others folks

that i'm being your rotten neighbor

and would care none for you?

now i ain't going to waste your time and my time

cause if you wanna hear what he said and what i said

i'm going to waste a lot of my







search for the light brother and sister

not your soul cause it might be dusty

now i ain't saying that i'm right see

it just need using a bit of thinking

that God gave you and me.

PEACE be unto you brother and sisters

now that's coming right from my HEART

now i know you know that